BioHygiene has a diverse and highly skilled product development team specialising in biochemistry and microbiology. All BioHygiene products are designed with an emphasis on product performance, ecological and human safety. Experts in microbiology, we carry out extensive research into microbial strain optimisation and enzyme production capabilities which work in harmony with our eco

surfactants and eco solvents.


Many of the cleaning products we formulate are biological, i.e. they contain bacteria, free enzymes or fermentation extracts.  This gives our products an added dimension in terms of performance and ability to control odours and break down organic waste at source. Our products are as environmentally friendly as possible, whilst being as efficacious as the market leading chemical commodity alternatives.


Consideration is given to every ingredient in a formulation. We aim to use sustainable ingredients wherever possible, to demonstrate our environmental commitment. We select ingredients that perform well, remove unnecessary components, use bacteria and enzymes where appropriate

and use blends of surfactants/ingredients that are more favourable in terms of aquatic toxicity, sustainability and biodegradability. Recent changes in the way products are classified as hazardous has highlighted that our multi-pronged attack to removing soils and odours generally means we are able to offer a less hazardous alternative and we aim to formulate products that carry as low a hazard classification as possible. Our products are well established and performance has been proven in many tough application areas and cleaning sectors. 


A global demand for renewable and sustainable raw materials has led to increasing levels of research to enhance the performance of naturally derived sustainable surfactants, to use plant based materials from waste processes in their manufacture and to improve production methods by lowering process temperatures, reducing emissions etc. There is also much focus on producing plant derived carbon neutral, VOC free, less hazardous solvent alternatives. We work closely with our suppliers to keep ourselves abreast of new developments and endeavour to keep ourselves at the forefront of new innovations and raw material choices as far as the environment and sustainability are concerned. We regularly attend supplier workshops and seminars to find out about new initiatives, extensively test these in house and wherever possible formulate these alternatives into our products, with a view to bringing these new raw materials and technologies to the marketplace as quickly as possible. 


We have a specific product development process that we use when developing new solutions to meet market demand and our team of 5 product development specialists ensure the highest possible standards are achieved before products are launched to market.