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EzClear Urinal Caps utilise specialist microbes to remove unpleasant odours and reduce the build-up of organic uric acid scale. The microbes work in conjunction with an acidic cleaning system to effectively soften any hard water scale build up.
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How does it work?

Odour and blocked urinals/pipework are a major issue in washrooms. Scale build up in waste water pipework is caused by a combination of limescale and uric acid which forms an ideal breeding ground for urease producing bacteria. These bacteria convert urea into ammonia, creating foul smelling odours.  Scale build up ultimately leads to high emergency repair costs or high capital replacement cost.

BioHygiene Caps differ from traditional fragranced urinal blocks. Rather than mask the odour temporarily, they contain microbes that establish self-renewing biofilms deep inside pipework and plumbing lines. These biofilms secrete enzymes that break down insoluble uric scale, significantly reducing its build up and potential to block pipes. The product microbes also break down protein based waste, volatile fatty acids and ammonia ensuring sustained and effective odour control throughout the washroom.

The acidic cleaning agent reduces the build-up of classic inorganic, hard water scale, helping to keep any deposits that do form soft in consistency and more easily removed by the flush water.  The product ingredients dissolve uniformly giving a controlled delivery of actives.


Core Benefits

  • Deliver water savings by reducing flush frequency without associated odour and scale problems
  • Easy to fit with no installation costs
  • Provide a physical barrier to prevent chewing gum, paper and other ‘physical’ items entering waste pipes and cause blockages
  • Contain an acidic cleaning agent to reduce classic inorganic hard water scale build-up such as limescale
  • Product specific microbial strains have been incorporated to form self-renewing biofilms in the pipework to effectively break down organic matter such as uric acid and control unpleasant odours
  • Ensure pipes remain free flowing and blockage free   
  • No aggressive or caustic chemicals ensuring minimal environmental impact
  • Pleasant fragrance to provide a lasting and fresh scent while the microbes get to work
  • Plastic Cap is fully recyclable at the end of its lifespan
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